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Ecole normale Supérieure de Sétif

Département des langues étrangères


25-26 Mai 2022

La littérature en didactique des langues-cultures : approches, pratiques d’enseignement et enjeux de formation

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Teacher Education College of Setif was established by Executive Decree N° 15/183 on 11 July 2015. It is a public institution of an administrative nature, with a moral character and financial independence. It is supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The college is responsible for training future teachers and developing education for the national education sector in Mathematics, Physics, Arabic Language and Literature, History and Geography, French, and English. The training is divided into three levels: Primary-School Teacher, Middle-School Teacher, and Secondary-School Teacher.

The college has gained a good reputation in the field of distance education and the attention it gives to its students. This success is attributed to the efforts of college’s officials, executives, and teachers. Read more

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Improving education level is of great interest to Teacher Education College of Setif Messaoud Zeghar. It is considered the ultimate College’s goal for which great efforts are made in achieving high-quality student training in all study fields. These efforts culminated in signing three scientific and pedagogical cooperation agreements with Farhat Abbas University (Setif 1), Mohammed Lamine Debaghine University (Setif 2), and Teacher Education College of Constantine Asia Djebbar on December 21, 2020. The terms of these agreements focus on three main themes: exchange of pedagogical and technical experiences in the field of on-campus and distance education and evaluation, cooperation in organizing national and international scientific activities, collaboration in master and post-graduation training, and cooperation in the field of documentary research. read more >




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