The New Students for 2023 who apply for a transfer to the college via the Progresses Floor (indoor, outdoor) know that they can see the results of processing these applications via the same location where the application was deposited. If the transfer request is reversed after acceptance, it must not confirm the request to retain the first directive. If the transfer process is completed, the applicant must confirm the transfer if accepted, but he cannot retract his application after the confirmation process.

✅ the case of internal transfer in the same institution, the applicant is not obliged to re-pay the registration rights.

✅ the case of an external transfer, the applicant is obliged to pay the registration rights electronically to the new institution in order to obtain the student's electronic card. Students admitted to the school and reoriented from other universities will

✅ be summoned for oral interviews by a subsequent announcement on the school's page.

✅for transfer requests for special cases submitted directly to the institution, we will inform its owners of the results of the processing later.