Teacher Education College of Setif was established in El-Eulma city in Setif province, by the Executive Decree No. 15/183 on July 11, 2015.
College’s Mission
The college is responsible for higher-education training, scientific research, and technological development. In addition, its main objectives include the following.
1 . High-quality training for students to ensure their graduation as qualified teachers to serve in the different institutions of the national education sector.
2 . Teaching students research methods and ensuring training by and for research.
3 . Contribution to the production and publication of science and knowledge.
4 . Participation in continuous training.
5 . Participation in international scientific groups for the sake of exchange and enrichment of knowledge.
Requirements of Admission for the College
Students with a baccalaureate degree will attend the college in accordance with the conditions set by the Ministerial Publication that is issued in May each year, as well as on the basis of the merit contest, which is conducted according to the number of pedagogical seats offered by the college.
The college provides pedagogical, scientific, and professional training in the following disciplines.
- Arabic Language and Literature.
- History and Geography.
- English.
- French.
- Exact Sciences.
The training is conducted according to the following paths.
-Primary-school teacher training: Baccalaureate degree + 3 years.
-Middle-school teacher training: Baccalaureate degree+ 4 years.
-Secondary-school teacher training: Baccalaureate degree+ 5 years.
In addition to a very high level of scientific and professional training, the contracts between the Ministry of National Education and the students guarantee an applied training period at the different ministry's institutions, and permanent (tenure) positions as teachers in the national education sector after graduation.
Registration Procedures
Enrollment in Teacher Education College of Setif is executed through the following stages.
1. Initial Registrations
These are made via the website dedicated to this purpose. Candidates fill out their information and study-field choices forms.
2. Confirmation of Choices
At this stage, the candidate, who has a baccalaureate degree, can change or confirm their study-field choices.
3. Choices Sorting and Appeals via Website
A candidate can appeal if he/she does not receive his/her desired choice.
4. Final Registrations
Application files are received at college level.
Application Documents
- Original Baccalaureate Certificate.
- Two photographs.
- Choice Sorting Certificate, which can be downloaded on the website.
- Two postal envelopes.
- Birth Certificate.
- Registration fee payment receit.
- Information form provided by the administration