Secretary-General: Mohammed Mebarkia
Landline Phone Number:
Internal Landline Number: 104
Electronic Mail:

General Secretariat
It is headed by the Secretary-General and is responsible for the operation of administrative and financial structures, management, and joint structures. It is in charge of the following responsibilities.
- Follow-up of the employees’ career records.Ensuring good management of technical services.
- Funding research units and laboratories’ research activities.Proposing and promoting the college’s.
cultural activities and sports.
- programs Following-up the completion of the structures and providing necessary equipment.
- Ensuring that internal security plan is being followed up.Providing the college’s structures and technical services with means necessary.
- for their proper management, and maintenance for movable and immovable property. Keeping.
- inventory records.
- Preparing the college’s budget draft and following up its implementation.
- Following-up dispute cases in court.
The General Secretariat, to which the Office of Internal Security is attached, includes the following sub-directorates:
- Vice Directorate for Employees, Training and Cultural, Scientific and Sport Activities
- Vice Directorate for Budget, Accounting and Tools.
- The General Secretariat also have common services.
- Technology Lobby.
- Clinic.
- Center for Systems, Networks, Media, Communication, Televised Education and Distance Learning.
- Audiovisual Centre.
- Security Office