Ouazaa Tahar، Vice Directorate for Budget, Accounting and Tools.
Rank: Administrator
Internal Landline Number : 215.
Electronic Mail:

Vice Directorate for Budget, Accounting and Tools
This vice directorate’s tasks include the following:
1 - Collecting the necessary elements to prepare the preliminary budget project.
2 - Implementing the budget plan and supervising the college’s accounting.
3 - Following-up financing research activities for research laboratories and units.
4 - Ensuring daily inventory records.
5 - Ensuring Hygiene and maintenance of movable and immovable property.
6 - Implementing the college’s accommodation programs.
The vice directorate includes the following services:
- Service of Budget and Research Activities’ Finance.
- Deals and Equipment Service.
- Service of Tools, Inventory and Archives.
- Service of Hygiene and Maintenance.

All these services aim at promoting the college’s tools and means’ self-operation, ensuring. maintenance, maintaining movable and immovable property, preserving archives, and managing parking areas inside college