Rector: Professor Ali Boukaroura, the responsible for the general management of college.



Phone Number:036 47 00 03
The rector’s responsibilities include the following.
- He represents the college before court and in all civil service activities.
- He exercises peaceful authority over all employees in college.
- He concludes each transaction, agreement, and contract within the framework of the common regulation.
- He oversees the implementation of the legislation and regulations in the field of education and teaching.
- He prepares the draft of college budget and submits it to the Board of Directors for deliberation.
- He commands spending the college’s budget.
- He authorizes signature to vice rectors, laboratory managers, and research units if necessary.
- He appoints college employees whose job positions have not been provided with any other method of appointment.
- He takes every measure to improve the pedagogical and scientific activities.
- He ensures respect for the college’s organizational law, which he drafts and presents for approval of the Board of Directors.
- He is responsible for maintaining security and discipline within college.
- He delivers the certificates with the authorization of the Minister of Higher Education.
- He ensures preserving and maintaining archive in accordance with the common regulations.